It’s from Microsoft, it’s expensive and it’s excellent!

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It’s from Microsoft, it’s expensive and it’s excellent!

So, here's something I never thought I would say in my own lifetime. I am using a Microsoft product on a daily basis and not only do I cope with it, but truth be told, I actually love it!. It goes against everything I have ever felt about Microsoft really, and yet here I am, getting paid every month to develop something known as a virtual learning environment [VLE], using a product from Microsoft called Sharepoint 2007 or more specifically, MOSS2007 [Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007]. So, not only do I use it each and every day at work, but I am also installing testing versions of it here at home and on my laptop and I find myself reading Microsoft blogs more and more every day. It's scary to be honest and yet it is all true! Stay tuned - there is a whole lot more to come...

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